precedent of past American presidents Academic Essay

1 11/2 page, written response to A. and C., below.You will be uploading a 1 11/2 page, written response to A. and C., below.Before reading/reviewing the required resources or discussing with anyone, first complete A., immediately below:A. BEFORE moving on to B and C, prepare a concise and well thought out written paragraph to: The president is constitutionallyrequired to seek out Congress approval BEFORE taking military actions abroad into imminent hostilities. You may take either ayes[affirm], or no [refute] position with your rationale PLEASEDO NOT CHANGE/REVISE what you have written once completedand again, do all of the above BEFORE moving on to the next area.B. AFTER (not before completing A., above), study/review carefully the following required resources (1, 1A, 2, and 3?? 4 is optional).It is recommended to first review C. so as to have the appropriate context of what you will be doing with the required resources.NOTE: For 1 below, you are not required to listen/watch the interview @ you want more details [there is also a transcript at the site] BUT,DO read and consider the material Iveincluded below for your essay, that is the only required resource for #1.(1) Should Obama Seek Congressional and Public Approval Before Action in Syria?REP. ELIOT ENGEL, DN.Y: Well, I think the War Powers Act gives the president the latitude to strike first and then go to Congresswithin 60 days.This is precedent of past American presidents. Ronald Reagan did it in Grenada, and it was done in Panama by the first PresidentBush. It was done in Kosovo by President Clinton. It was done in Libya by President Obama. This has happened before. As long asthere is consultance with Congress, as long as there are discussions, I think its clear that the president does have the right to makea move, and if its more than 60 days, he needs to come to Congress.JEFFREY BROWN (moderator): All right, Mac Thornberry, first, do you dispute that the president has the legal authority to act now?REP. MAC THORNBERRY, RTex.:I think it depends on how he intends to act.But, actually, I think theres a bigger issue. Rather than debating about the provisions of a particular law, I think it is important for thecountry that the president express why this is important, what he intends to do about it, what his authorities are, and come toCongress ahead of time. ? the country will be so much better off if he comes and has a fuller debate and get Congress agreementwith taking action here, rather than a few conference calls which seems to kind of get the feel of a checktheboxmentality.****************(1A) (YOU ONLY need to review/read/retain thefollowing in italics, however, if you want to see the context of the actual source (U.S. Constitution), at the above link, go to: Article I,section 8and, Article II, section 2).The Congress shall have Power To ? provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States?? ? Declare War ? PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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