prepare a catalogue for a new season for fashion industry custom essay

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Fashion Programme, an appropriate project could be ?prepare a catalogue for a new season?.You are required to prepare a blog for interested stakeholders.
1. You should
o Indicate the full scope of the project, including the WBS (LO1) and
o conduct a SWOT and TOWS analysis (LO2, LO3, LO4).
2. Provide recommendations about how to run this project (LO2). You must take into consideration possible interests and attitudes of the Board and other stakeholders (LO2), as well as the limited resources (time, human, financial – LO3, LO4, and technological- LO8) available. This section includes setting out a series of tasks (LO6) bearing in mind resources available (LO3, LO4), so that you can compile a realistic illustrative network analysis and the critical path for the project you scoped under 1.
3. Highlight to the Board the risks and barriers (LO6) that they may come across in attempting to implement your recommendations, some of which might be related to resources (LO3), and how to deal with them (LO2, LO4). You will also need to discuss how this would relate to the company culture (LO2).

You need to provide three reports to the Board each containing 500 words maximum. Each report will address one of the points above. As you are developing your project management skills, it is expected that you will be using theoretical concepts from the discipline which are appropriately referenced to support your reports. You can attach appendices with any graphs relating to answering the above requirements.

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