-Prepare a table in an MS Word document

-Prepare a table in an MS Word document. The main heading is “Motivating Operations and Discriminative Stimuli.” Then make two columns under that heading. Label the left column “How They Are Alike.” Label the right column “How They Differ.” Fill in the table with your analysis. -Below the table, identify and describe three real situations from your environment or experience. Identify the relevant antecedent variables and explain how they operate as either a motivating operation or a discriminative stimulus. -Carefully edit your assignment. When you are satisfied with your work, submit it to your instructor in the assignment area. Length of paper: Paper should be 34 pages in length (7501000 words), excluding the title page and reference page. Preparing an outline of your key points and related comments before constructing your document may be helpful in organizing your content. Practice the correct use of the ABA terminology that you have learned, where appropriate. Carefully edit to remove out-of-place or extraneous content. The final product should clearly communicate your points in a concise and efficient manner. This is an important skill to practice for becoming an effective behavior analyst. Remember that others (for example, teachers, parents, caretakers, and managers) often will have only a few precious minutes or seconds to hear or read your comments. -List of references: Include at least one reference from a professional journal or text, Web site, or other resource.

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