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As I have specialized in P.E., for or my final year dissertation I have decided to : Research the relationship between physical activity and cognitive ability / concentration.

Either in the morning or at lunchtime (depending upon the schools flexiability) I plan for the children to do a form of excersise for roughly 20 miniuts this is the basis of my research, from this I will review any changes the activity has had on the childrens concentration and cognative ability.

How am I going to do this?
– In order to assess the children I plan to observe them, but also plan a questionair to see how the chldren feel after doing excersise and if they themselves can see or feel any development to conclude on
(however I will not be informing the children to exactly what I am doing as not to afflict my results).

– Aditionally I aim to semi-formally interview the class teacher (possiably any TA’s) to analyse if they have identified any difference in the children following my activities.

– A assessment of the children will be carried out prior to any of my activities being involved I will then repete my assessment of the children after my two week period of cunducting the physical activity.

What caused the sudden interest in this area of study?
I was in my second year placement, during which I had to move some of my lessons round as the school had arranged for a coatch to teach the class rugby during the first lesson of the day.

I watched and took part in the sessions lead by the coatch and found them very intensive the children played games that built the skills they were learning
The children all liked these sessions (even girls who at first were apprehensive at the thought of rugby) the sessions were very intensive for such a short 40 min session so much was packed in.

I noticed immediately after the session in my next lesson the behaviur of the children was different, they were very involved in the lessons taught. After talking to the clas teacher about how well behaved the children were especially considering we had started a hard topic of probem solving in maths which I was initially dreading to teach, he commented to me that the pe session before hand helped, this initially made me curiouse to see if it did have a effect on the childrens accademic performance.

So for the last 2 weeks of my placement 5 week placement after recording how I personally felt the children did in my lessons, I changed the rest of my timetable so I could do further research.
Thursday morning with the coatch continued for these last 2 weeks and I continued to monitour that, additionally I moved my hockey and dance sessions to either the beginning of the day.

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