Principles and Strategies of Translation Essay

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In his book, The Discourse of Advertising (2001), Guy Cook argues that “[A]dvertising is a prominent discourse type in virtually all societies” It is a very complex type [of text] that straddles a vast range of theoretical, practical and representational domains’ (emphasis added).
a/ Discuss the above view from a text typology standpoint; and b/who, in your view, is the best person capable of handling advertisement from a translation point of view and why?
Support your answer with examples.

Firstly, I am not a native speaker, so i prefer academic language that would be easy to learn.
Secondly, the most important thing is answering the question clearly & directly.
Thirdly, the essay should include the following:
1- introduction.
2- Main body with examples.
3- Conclusion.
Finally, i will upload a power point that might help.

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