Principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST), the concepts of ‘self’ and ‘community’ are interrelated.

Assignment 1 Your assessment is to:Describe coherently in writing the principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST), and through a personal written commentary on each one, explain that the concepts of ‘self’ and ‘community’ are interrelated. Create a landing page for a week about the topics of self and community. Demonstrate your understanding of the principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST) in relation to self and community. General Instructions: Construct a landing page describing in writing, the 9 principles of Catholic Social Thought (CST) as outlined in the unit, and draw upon these principles to demonstrate the interrelationship between the concepts of ‘self’ and ‘community’. From this assessment you will receive constructive feedback to assist you in completing the assessment 2. The landing page is to be between 1,000-1,200 words in length. The page is to have a catchy title. The page may have illustrations/artwork that relate to the content of your page. Try and make your page interesting and engaging for readers. The page must refer to the extracted readings in the unit reading list for weeks 2-5. You may refer to other material you have read around the topic in order to gain a greater understanding of the topic but note that you are not required to read outside of the reading list in the unit in order to achieve a high distinction in this assessment task. All material must be referenced by the use of endnotes (see the notes on the LEO) under UNCC100 for how to reference according to your discipline area). References do not count in the word limit. Feel free to make the wiki as interesting and engaging as you can by using other modes of communication and external resources (e.g., blog posts, online articles, videos, animations, audio tracks etc) that help illustrate concepts described within your wiki topics.

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