Problem Analysis Academic Essay

Problem Analysis Understanding the context as well as all the aspects of the problem is an essential prerequisite for finding an adequate solution. If you cannot understand a problem thoroughly, you will not be able to develop an optimal solution. In order to gain a complete comprehension of the problem, you need to be able to break it up into conceptual components and analyze each component thoroughly. Once you understand the problem, you try to conceptualize one or more solutions to it. How would you determine which solutions are viable? Recall the situation from the previous week in which you were an IT leader of your organization and learned that confidential information about your organization had been compromised through your organizational network. You may have come up with a few alternative solutions that would solve the problem technically, but are they all viable? What about the cost of implementing the solution? What about the legal requirements? What about its effect on the business process? There are so many considerations to determine the viability of the solutions. As a CIO, developing an appropriate set of criteria to determine the viability of a potential solution is essential. Otherwise, you may end up investing a lot of resources in one or more solutions before finding out they were not viable to start with. In the previous week, you began your initial research based on a given problem. For this week, you will continue your research to develop a deeper understanding of the problem. To prepare for this weeks Assignment, continue using the IT Problem Analysis Template found in this weeks Learning Resources. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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