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Assignment Item requires you to choose a professional journal relevant to your educational issue explored for assessment Item 1 and produce a feature article or lead article for the professional journal. Prepare a paper suitable for submission to this journal using the guidelines for authors The task requires you to submit an assignment that includes the following parts:
1. Introduction. The introduction should identify the topic of the research investigation and outline the structure of the assignment.
2. Identification and selection of a professional journal. This section should identify the professional journal and outline the reasons why this journal was chosen for your educational issue. It should include reference to the journal guidelines as an appendix. (300 Words)
•?Carefully review the guidelines for authors provided by each professional journal and select an appropriate professional journal for your educational issue.
•?Review copies of feature or main articles from the journal to use as a guide to the preparation of your paper.
•?Review the text available on the professional journal website about the readers of this particular journal so that you can ensure that your text is written for the intended audience
•?Develop a list of requirements on the basis of the guidelines for authors and your review of the feature article.
3. The Professional Paper. This section should present a copy of the text that you would submit to the professional journal to appear as one of the main articles in an issue of the journal. The purpose of the professional paper is to share with your colleagues the up to date research that you have explored as you investigate your educational issue.
•?On the basis of your research undertaken for assignment one and the journal audience and guidelines developed establish the aspect of the educational issue that will be the subject of your professional paper.
•?Draft and redraft your work to develop a final professional paper that meets the guidelines for the professional journal you have identified.
4. Bibliography detailing all references used in the assignment.

Assignment criteria

Criteria 1 Definition of a coherent and well defined educational issue for the professional journal
The paper includes a concise statement of the educational issue to be explored? Did the paper provide a clear justification for the choice of professional journal for the educational issue being explored?
Precisely describes a specific educational issue with clearly defined boundaries. The key concepts for the issue and their connections are clearly explained in order to identify the boundaries of the issue. A very highly appropriate choice of professional journal is comprehensively justified for the educational issue.
Criteria 2 Critical Engagement with the literature
The key concerns of current literature in this field are identified in the professional paper. The paper provides evidence of wide and critical reading of the research literature and provides a comment on this educational issue that was relevant for the target audience of the professional journal.
Comprehensive coverage of the key concerns of current literature using research literature that is completely relevant and appropriate to the issue. Extensive evidence of critical evaluation of selected literature to provide a coherent and highly articulated comment that is very highly relevant to the target audience of the journal.
Criteria 3 Structured and coherent argument
The paper presents a reasoned, well-paced and structured argument. Different parts of the argument are clearly linked and meaningful conclusions are drawn.
Presents a comprehensive and scholarly argument which results in original, critically reflective work demonstrating very high levels of intellectual initiative.Topic or ideas consistently clear, no digressions. Typically clear beginnings, middles, and ends. Transitions typically smooth and logical. Details consistently support logic or idea. Points are often extensively elaborated to draw meaningful conclusions
Criteria 4 Presentation of the text
Logically organized and written in an academic style that used an appropriate language, style and format. A list of bibliographic references provided in a reference list. References were set out consistently in an appropriate academic style? (use of APA 6th style is required)
The work is comprehensively organized according to definite plans. Mechanical errors are minor and infrequent. Consistent use of academic referencing in text and in reference list, few errors evident.

I will attach 10 articles that you should use in writing this professional paper and the topic of this paper will be ((barriers affect mathematic teachers’ use of ICT)) and the association that you will use as a guide for the professional paper is The journal that this association has is
The guidelines of this journal for authors about how to write professional papers are in the link below

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