Program Evaluation Essay

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“My grant if funded by the PA DOH through the Health Promotion Council. We are part of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Tobacco Control Project (SEPA) which is a coalition, comprised of seven counties in Southeastern, PA. Mercy Suburban Hospital has been one of the primary contractors for SEPA since 2004 and we are dedicated to helping individuals and organizations with tobacco use and dependence, as well as tobacco control issues.
One of our new initiatives for this current grant period (October 2011 through June 2013) is toaddress policy change and norms regarding tobacco use within behavioral health settings. Our focus and goals are to assist organizations with implementing new smoke-free policies that would truly benefit everyone. By integrating tobacco dependence treatment and information into existing services, we hope to change the negative perceptions that mental health consumers cannot successfully quit tobacco.”

Goals and objectives of the Freedom From Smoking Program is to deliver evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment to group participants who wish to quit or decrease their tobacco use.
The group focus is on education, behavioral modification, medication options, setting a quit date and lots of support. Participants learn to understand their addiction, the negative health effects of smoking and the benefits of quitting.

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