Program Evaluation Planning Essay

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Given today’s emphasis on increased productivity and performance, organizations often feel pressured to ask a large number of questions, create an

infinite number of goals, make lofty promises, and sometimes attempt unreachable goals. An organization, however, must be realistic when assessing

what it may accomplish. This includes determining outcomes that are robust and meaningful, as well as sensitive enough to measure progress toward

a larger goal. In completing this module’s sections of the Program Evaluation Plan, you will be better prepared to develop and prioritize the

“right” questions, plan for limitations and capabilities, and create a realistic time line based on an organization�s available resources.

The Program Evaluation Project runs throughout the modules of this course and culminates in Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in

Education. As you complete each section of your Program Evaluation Project, carefully review the feedback. Use the feedback to revise and improve

each section of your Program Evaluation Project. Your final task will be to create Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in

Education, tying together the revised sections of the Program Evaluation Project you began in Module 1, are continuing to complete in Module 2,

and will finish in Module 6. Major Assessment #2, Assessment and Accountability in Education should reflect the improvements you have made based

on feedback. This assignment will serve as Major Assessment #2 for the PhD in Education program.

Refer to the APA style guide in writing your headings, citations, and references.

A. Asking the Right Questions
A robust and meaningful evaluation seeks to answer critical questions, such as: What worked, and what did not? What value is this? What does it

contribute? You have considered the needs of your stakeholders and what you anticipate to be the greatest needs of your community. Based on these

needs, describe the most important questions you will seek to ask and answer through your program evaluation. Prioritize and begin to think about

choosing only the most critical.

B. Goals and Target Populations
Based on the fundamental questions, what outcomes do you seek? Create and explain the outcomes you desire for your evaluation. If the evaluation

went as you envisioned, and the outcomes were all that you could ask them to be, what would those outcomes indeed be?

C. Organizational Structure
Examine the organizational structure within which you will conduct your program evaluation. What are the limits and capabilities of this

organization as they may relate to your evaluation? How do you anticipate your organization will view your evaluation? Describe what you can

provide, in turn, to your organization as benefits because of their participation in your program evaluation. Describe the role your organization

will need to play for your program evaluation to be conducted as you intend.

D. Time Lines and Resources
An effective program evaluation includes a preliminary time line. This time line helps to inform stakeholders, assists in the identification and

allocation of resources as needed, and can be used as one measure of program implementation and effectiveness. Create an anticipated time line. It

should include a period for data collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting. As you review the time line, consider the resources you will

need at each point during the evaluation. Describe them, particularly those contributions your organization will need to make. Give yourself

enough time to conduct the evaluation you would like to do, extending well beyond this course.

Appendix A
Refer to the Logic Model Grid on page 7 of the RAND Corporation report (2004).

Create the Table and complete the column with the headings:
1) Needs Assessment Data
2) Risk-Factor-Based Goals/Objectives

In column three, briefly describe any program activities. In the last column, identify your program outcomes.

Total pages: 6-9

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