Project Analysis for Boeing Company Essay

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1. Executive summary of the analysis about Boeing summary points and recommendations
2. Review of the company and its business- analysis about the company and the business. key product lines, strengths, strategic competitive advantages, drivers for growth or contractions , management capacity. hidden assets and liabilities and read the 10K, 10Q for 4 quarters and the proxy for the last 3 to 6 months.

3. Economic Forecast- regional, national, global, GNP for 2010, 2011 and 2012
4. Stock market forecast
5. Sector and Industry Forecast
6. Ratio Analysis
7. Company Financial Forecast and Valuation- Excel table with a paragraph explanation or footnotes discussing assumptions….financial and stock performance over the past 3 and the next 3 years, use revenue , gross margin, operating margin net margin and net profit and answer the question what will be the drivers for the aforementioned financial tools?
8.Social Responsibility
9. Final Recommendation
10. Appendixes and References- Work Cited Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very Important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As well as This below:
Final section: Guru or alternative approach
Stock price forecast in spreadsheet net profit, shares out, EPS, P/E, price range.
Economy forecast–BA is especially vulnerable to andother recession in 2012–your view?

BA division between defense and commercial?
Market forecast for 2011-2012 and specific change %

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