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((I will leave choosing the Project Plan 2 by you, to be freer depending on its requirements below:
Also, I have sent you the Course Profile of Applied Project Management 1 to have a look. This Project Plan 2 depends on the second part of this Course which starts from slide #200 until the end (to slide #352))).
Assessment 4: Individual Assignment
1. Instructions
Assessment 4: Project Plan 2
Weighting: 30%
An electronic copy of this report is required. All documents created in Excel or Microsoft Project should be included in the Word version of the electronic copy.
Task: Write a description of the planning and control of quality, human resources, procurement and communications for a project of your choice. ((If the project belongs to water resources management, it would be fine, because this is my major))
Scope: This assignment will assess your understanding of the Project Integration, Project Quality Management, Project Human Resources Management, Project Procurement and Managing Communications course topics.
Length and Presentation: 3,000 Words Maximum
Please ensure you add page numbers to your assignment and it is advisable to add your name and student number in the footer or header. I am comfortable with you including material developed by others (eg schedule), provided you make clear what you developed and what was developed by others.
Criteria by which your assignment will be marked:
o How well you are able to present a project plan that meets the requirement defined in the task (above).
o Application of key relevant concepts, tools and techniques.
o Presentation: word limit, layout, adequate structure.

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