Project Planning Coursework Academic Essay

The project which this coursework is based on is an actual school situated in central Scotland. The project has a contract period of 57 weeks (285 days). Task 1 Produce both a gantt chart and a precedence network by logically linking the activities provided from Table 1 (see pages 2-3), clearly showing a critical path in both. You are required to use a project planning software (Primavera Risk Analysis or Microsoft Project or Primavera P6). Your programme should comprise all activities that are provided in Table 1, demonstrating good logic and relevant functionalities of the software. Your calendar should display sufficient complexity to model real-world situations. You should also present the output from the software to a suitable level of detail and it has to be legible. Task 2 The project has commenced and you, as the project manager, have discovered that several of your target critical path activities will be delayed. Indicate which activities are involved based on your critical path and discuss how you will resolve these without affecting your target project completion date. You should focus on the use of effective monitoring and control techniques. Furthermore, this school forms the initial part of a programme of 20 similar schools and you required to provide recommendations as to how you could maximise learning within and between projects

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