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This proposal is about choosing an industry located in Dubai – United arab emirates. prefered company is ” Barcalys Bank ” .

What must be included in this research:

1- Company profile

2- Background and problem in the company

3- Research:
a- Primary research ( interview with an employee in the Bank )
b- Secondary Research ( any article related to the problem you will write about)

4- SWOT Analysis of Barclays Bank

5- PEST Analysis

Note: problem must be internal. for example, manegment, or banking structure etc… ( and the proposal 3 pages)

What it required more, 10 articles related to the above company problems that you will be talking about. Please provide the links for the each article.

Note: (You must find 10 aricles related to the company problems that you will provide in the proposal. summarize each article and show how it is related to the problem.) —> it is important that you summarize each article and show how it is related to barclays bank problem that you will write about. ( 7 pages)

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