protection of reputation under defamation law give leeway to the defence of freedom of speech in regard to social media? Academic Essay

I only need certain sections of my dissertation written.These sections are as followed?? Introduction, Chapter on Social Media & ConclusionIntroduction must include the following:Whatis defamation?defamationact 2013Article8 ECHR private and family life, in regards to defamation, issues and casesChapter on Social Media must include the following:Briefbackground on social media and the effects of social media has caused on defamation (cases)Theeffects of reputation due to social media and defamation, is it a big influence?Howhas it affected them badly or good/show both sides of arguments through cases, legislationHowcan media influence its audience good or badConclusion must include the following:AnyreformsHasthe defamation act 2013 been a success or has it failed?can i get a paragraph on: Disscuss freedom of speech is there still any, is it relevant (approx 300 words)Further the dissertation i have already written i have argued that defamation law in favour for the protection of reputation so could you PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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