Psychology Article Review

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Answer the following questions for both the articles that you have read while comparing and contrasting. : (DeLeon, F.M. (1999, October 24). Rocking the cradle’ And the marriage: Programs help couples prepare for parenthood. Seattle Times. Retrieved November 25, 2006, from ) AND (Shapiro, A.F., Gottman, J. M., & Carrere, S. (2000). The baby and the marriage: Identifying factors that buffer against decline in marital satisfaction after the first baby arrives. Journal of Family Psychology, 14, 59-70.)

– What were the main goals of the study?
– What information was provided about how the sample and data (self-report, survey responses, observation) were collected?
– Can the data be generalized to other populations? How were the concepts of the study measured?
– What were the main findings of the study?
– Were relationships between variables presented as causal or correlational?
– How well did the author’s conclusions fit the findings?
– How strong (or weak) was the methodology of the study?
– What limitations existed in the study?

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