Psychology of Leadership Paper custom essay

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Identify the leader situation or case study you plan to use for your paper, along with a process for development (or models for leadership development) that you may apply to the situation. Also, discuss two leadership theories you plan to use in your final paper.

I just need the annotated biblio and topic but this is what the paper is about:

1-Provide an example of a situation or case study in which a leader was not as effective as he or she could be (if case study DO NOT use any of the Yukl course pack materials as we use those in discussions). Discuss why the leadership was not effective. Analyze the styles and theories of leadership represented in the situation. Include the strengths and limits of the approach the leader has taken in this situation.

2-Next, consider what approaches may be more effective for the situation. Explain the approaches you chose & evaluate why they are more appropriate. Compare and contrast two theories of leadership, and provide some scholarly research about your chosen leadership theories to substantiate why these might be good choices in this situation or context. How is your strategy based on what the research says about leadership effectiveness?

3-Consider processes for leadership development. Discuss what is required to develop into a most effective leader. What processes for leadership development or models for leadership development do you think would be most effective for a leader in this situation and why? Again, evaluate the strengths and limitations of a couple models for leadership development.

4-Finally, bring together the key ideas for developing as a leader that you want to take away from this course and use in your own self-leadership beyond this course.

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