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project constitutes the development of a paper project in the form of an administrative report/portfolio, which outlines the origins, mission statement, and general history of a given public organization and provides an overall assessment of such organization.

The overall assessment will focus on the exploration and examination of an agency’s current agenda, its interaction with political actors, what the agency produces, and, most importantly, how the agency may best be managed to maximize policy performance for serving the public.

Step One: (THIS IS ONE PAGE )Your initial assignment will be to write a proposal sheet intended to help you come up with ideas for the project and start researching literature resources. To write your proposal sheet, provide a paragraph that identifies the organization you intend to study (and the relevant policy area) and mention a particular policy problem/issue that the organization deals with, why you think it is important, and what you intend to explore in terms of how the organization deals with such policy problem/issue. In doing so, provide at least 5 literature/reference sources you are likely to use for the project. As such, the proposal sheet should provide you the opportunity to develop and eventually finalize your abstract.. Thereafter, the abstract you provide in your final paper can affect such grade in the case that the final content is incomplete or lacks clarity.

Abstract � Provide a single paragraph (100�250 words) that summarizes your paper. The first sentence should introduce the topic and why it is important to consider. Next, state the public organization (and relevant policy area) that you explore and the policy problem you address. Then summarize the evidence you gathered for observation and examination of your topic. If applicable, report your analytical findings and provide a conclusion, taking special care to explain your contribution to scholarly knowledge on the subject.

Organizational Entity Outline and Overview � Using scholarly resources, provide a literature review that puts into historical context the public organization you are researching. Outline the origins, mission statement, and general history of that given organization and provides an overall descriptive assessment of how such an agency has influenced performance outputs and outcomes related to a particular policy sphere. The overall assessment will focus on the exploration and examination of the organization�s current agenda, its interaction with political actors, and what the organization produces (i.e., outputs and outcomes as measures of performance). In doing so, provide an overview of the policy problem/issue you are interested in, how the organization deals with it, and what, if any could be done to improve the organization�s handling of the specific policy problem/issue. If scholarly literature is highly lacking or absent, refer to the �Specialized/Alternative� section for substituting alternative overview sources.

Findings and Discussion � Provide a detailed assessment of what you found when examining your evidence (supplementary tables and/or figures are welcome but not absolutely necessary). Then provide a thorough amount of discussion over your findings � how they relate to the general literature and to your initial expectations. More importantly, you must also detail your contribution in light of your findings. However, if you do not find what you expected, that is okay � your contribution becomes the unexpected findings and their implications.

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Conclusion � Provide a summary conclusion that restates your original topic, arguments, findings, and, of course, concluding thoughts. You should also add some thoughts on the limitations you faced in trying to examine your topic and how future studies might take the next step to develop a better understanding the relationships you addressed.

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Literature/Reference List � Your list of five or more literature/reference sources.

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