Purpose and Audience Custom Essay

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Assignment Type: Individual Project
Deliverable Length: Research Paper + at least 15 PowerPoint slides
Points Possible: 110
Due Date: 1/13/2012 11:59:59 PM CT

You are the newly appointed President of the local Chamber of Commerce. You are making your first presentation to the Chamber and want to make a good first impression.

Your presentation will be based on the following topic, purpose, and audience.

Topic: Expected U.S. GDP growth rate going forward
Audience: Local chamber of commerce
Purpose: To give business leaders an idea of what the economy may look like based on recent history and expected future conditions
Part I

Write a 600-750 word research paper given the topic, purpose, and audience information above. In addressing GDP, consider the following:

Trends, forecasts, and statistics
How GDP is determined
Interpreting GDP

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