Qualitative Research Date Collection and Analysis (Diabetes management older people) custom essay

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Qualitative Research Date Collection and Analysis

Length: 2250 words Add 15 references USE APA style

“Diabetes management older people”

Use one of the research questions and problem statements. Based on that, Develop a proposal for how you would conduct a study to explore the question / problem, including discussion of the following elements:
The research questions and problem statements are:
The research question is:
“What are the different attributes of health care provided to older people with type 2 diabetes mellitus from their healthcare professionals, and whether such health care promoted their behaviours and motivations to self-management of the problem?

The research probelm is:

Lifestyle changes of older people experienced type 2 diabetes mellitus are difficult to deal with. The significant point that scientists faced many challenges exploring experience, emotion regulation, behaviours and life structure (Whittemore et al., 2002). It is worth noting that complications have negatively influenced on self-management of type 2 diabetes mellitus of older people. Results showed that patients are inversely behaved on the quality of health service provided such as medication regimens and diet (Beverly et al., 2011). Researchers should be aware dealing with management of type 2 diabetes mellitus in older people and developing of health care programs because of the advancing age and altering in health status at this age period (Huang et al., 2005; Kalra et al., 2011).

Now, you need to develop a proposal based on the research question and research problem. The proposal must include:
•Identify whether the planned study would be underpinned by an interpretive, critical or post-modern perspective.
•Provide a justification and critique of the methodological approach you have selected in relation to the question/problem.
•Discuss how the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of the methodology would guide the research study.

•Describe and discuss the methods you would use to undertake the study including:
oSampling and recruitment strategies
oData collection methods
oData management
oData analysis
oEthical considerations
Structure of a proposal

1.Introduction (500 words)

Rationale for proposed research
Background information
Research question
Limitation of the study

2.Background problem/statement (850 words)

Review of the literature related to the research question
Brief description of important studies / groups of studies – type, sample, findings, critique
For each study / area of research – “So what?” in relation to your research question / topic
Identifies the major areas of interest in relation to research question / topic
Conclusion: synopsis of current knowledge in relation to this study

3.Methodology/ Theoretical framework (850 words)

Description of planned methodology
Rationale for choice of methodology to answer this question
Identified theorists &/or philosophers
Definition of terms, concepts & assumptions
Provides a structure for the study
Shapes and informs

Provides a foundation / organising principle for:

How the literature is reviewed
Definitions used in the study
 Deciding what data will be collected
Analysis of data

Enables analysis of findings to go beyond description

Nature of knowledge produced is examined using the language of the chosen methodology/ theory/ philosophy
Research can contribute to theoretical foundations of knowledge

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