Rational Problems Academic Essay

Throughout this course, you will explore your approach to the diagnostic process when working with individuals, couples, and families. In this discussion, consider your approach to formulating diagnoses when working withcouples and families, using the following questions: What factors are important to assess or diagnose in families or couples in order to make effective choices about therapy goals and interventions? What specific instruments or diagnostic processes would you use during your assessment of a couple or family? How are these similar to and different from the processes you would use with an individual? How would you incorporate theDSM-5into the assessment phase with a couple or family? (Include the relational V codes and Z codes in your discussion). Would you also formulate a separateDSM-5diagnosis for any of the individuals you see in a couple or family? Why or why not? What are the limitations of theDSM-5when working with couples or families? What are your reflections about the role of diagnosis in the profession of counseling, or marriage and family therapy? How will you approach the diagnostic process when working with couples and families?

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