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Journal entries should address the main points of one essay from the weekly readings and show critical engagement with the concepts and theories. (i.e. provide a summary of the main argument or ideas succinctly before offering your critique.) Proper referencing, correct use of quotations, logical thought and writing in paragraphs all apply. 250 words is the minimum for each journal entry. Only four journal entries will be counted towards the course grade but you are encouraged to keep writing them each week as a way of engaging with the reading material and building up ideas on the issues covered from week to week. Please bring them to the tutorial and submit them at the end of the class.
This assignment is meant to open up discussion and improve the quality of tutorial participation. It will also increase your comprehension of the readings, lay the foundation for your longer essays and enhance your writing skills. Questions for the weekly readings will be up on Wattle and can be used as a guide to writing your journals.

Excellent journal entries will (1) refer to the relevant course readings or lecture materials, (2) present a concise and clear argument and (3) offer original insights or move beyond a summary of course materials.

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