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Basically I have two online discussion questions need to be respond . I will post you both questions with some other student respond sample. please let me know if you have any question.
———————————————————————————————– Question 1:





Compare and Contrast Manet’s Le Dejuner sur l’herbe and Bouguereau’s Nymphs and Satyr. What stylistic characteristics make Manet’s painting an example of Realism? Why do you think Manet’s painting was considered “immoral” and “amateurish” while Bouguereau’s painting was praised by the critics?

respond example:

Manet’s “Le Dejuner sur l’herbe” is a mix of traditional and classical elements and modern ones. He used one-point-perspective, with the point set at the end of the path behind the figure in the background. In the foreground we see still life realistically painted and the figure in the middle together with the one in the background form a pyramidal composition. The background is painted on soft focus. What makes this painting a good example of realism is the fact that the nude is not a classical one, she’s been transformed to a realistic, not idealized nude. She is more naked than nude. The figure are in hard focus and strongly lit, which gives the image great, almost unnatural, contrast between them and the background. It also flattens out the figures.

Bouguereau’s “Nymphs and Satyr” is a good example of the Academic style in France in the 19th century. We see mostly classical element like the classical nudes, mythological them and very naturalistic figures. I think what made the critics love this painting was just for the fact that is so naturalistic. It has soft focus all over and it’s very harmonious. The Academic style was a lot like Venetian Renaissance, a period I thing French art scholars looked up to. There is lots of movement in the image and the colors are very vibrant, yet soft. The colors in “Le Dejuner sur l’herbe” are mismatching and odd.

Manet’s way of mixing elements created a very odd and unnatural painting, which is probably why it was called amateurish. He painted a version of “The Pastoral Symphony” by Titian but in a realistic way instead of dreamy. This is why is was seen as immoral, it was too realistic to place a nude woman on a luncheon on the grass with two men. However, I feel it is more interesting than Nymphs and Satyr, because it was innovative, and that is always more interesting.

——————————————————————————————– Question 2:



Le Pont-Neuf, Paris, c.1860 , Paris by Hippolyte Jouvin (1860-65)



Women’s Bath by Torii Kiyonaga (1780s)

How did the advent of photography and/or the introduction of Japanese Ukiyo-e prints influence the impressionists in their abandoning of the stylistic characteristics of traditional painting? Choose an Impressionist work from the module (or from another source) to illustrate your answer.

Respond example:

Edgar Degas was interested in line and were good at design. We can see his inspiration coming from japanese Torii Kiyonaga’s Women’s Bath, especially in Degas painting The Tub. The tub was painted with strong contours and a lot of lines. We see a woman just getting into her bath with her unmade bed in the foreground. The bed gives the painting a strong diagonal composition, just like the lines on the floor and the composition of the figures in Women’s Bath do. This also makes the composition very asymmetric in both Paintings. It is also cropped, just like Women’s bath and the way photograph usually are and were at this time. So we see some influences from photography to. But what really makes The Tub strive away from the classical nudes is the accidental, in-the-moment position of the woman. She is in the middle of the motion and she is not idealized. The brushwork, however, is very far from its japanese influence. It’s a bit “blocky” and reminds me of Manet’s color patch technique.


Since I order for 2 pages, I ‘m hoping you could do one page for per question. Btw please include a image for question 2 since it’s require.


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