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• This work is a reflective essay about (reading journal articles, using statistics and using Government publications) ; (The reflective writing must to be in general)
 The journal article will be (Children’s perceptions of themselves as learner inside and outside school) see the attached fill. Write the reflection about reading journal articles in general and also about this article,
 The statistic will be about class size, see the web site: ( Write the reflection about using statistics in general, for example :
 What issues do you need to be aware of when including statistical data in your writing?
 How easy did you find it to locate and analyse some statistics?
 How does statistical information inform academic writing?
 Any Government Publication in general.
• Write 1000 word equivalent (You need to write 300-350 words for each one)
• Write 2 or 3 lines as introduction, and 3 paragraphs (everyone in separate paragraph)
• As this is a personal reflection on your own learning experiences you can write in the first person. You will need to refer to Study Skills books (just 2 books) to support your reflection and indicate what you have learnt and how you can apply it.
• Use good English. It is better to use shorter sentences and make your meaning clear
• Use APA style of citation and referencing with page number (the sex addition).
• Set the work in 12 point, with 1.5 line spacing
see the attached file.

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