Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper Worth 275 points Due at the conclusion of Module 7 Reflection Paper Guidelines Prepare a four to five page reflection paper based on two of the topics you studied during this course. Personally reflect on how you as a supervisor/manager can apply the “takeaways” from each topic. The reflection should include references to at least two articles presented during the course, excluding articles that you personally used in the course. The reflection should be written in the first person (use the pronoun I). The grading emphasis will be on your practical application of what you have learned from studying these two topics. Please use the rubric as a guide toward successful completion of this assignment. The reflection paper needs to be written in APA style. You can refer to APA style guide via this link: or from “Tools and Resources” link on the left or at Reflection paper format (minimum): – Typeface: Times New Roman or Courier 12 pt. – Double spacing – Cover page – Length: 4 to 5 pages of your writing Topic 1: Ethics in the workplace Topic 2: Social Networking

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