Reflective Journal custom essay

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Reflection is the purposeful contemplation of thoughts, feelings, and happenings that pertain to recent experiences. With thoughtful consideration, one challenges one’s initial thinking and the feelings embedded in a meaningful experience. With further review and exploration, one creates and clarifies the personal meaning of the lived experience.
Consider the following:

• Discuss your journey of learning during the course;
• Give examples of changes in your thinking that have occurred through the course, ?and how these have occurred;
• Have you, and if yes, how have you applied the outcomes from your reflective practice in your daily life?
• This assessment poses challenges: writing in the personal voice, and engaging in the method of reflection. Writing reflective journals requires students to express themselves in a new way, through finding their personal voice.
You need to find a new voice, which is not the neutral passive voice so prevalent in academic writing. This process encourages you to connect with your heart first, and head second. It transfers the emphasis to ‘I feel…’, which then creates a space for you to then turn to your own inner learning. Thus, using the personal voice gives you the writer a vehicle to explore experience more reflectively, reinforcing what Schön (1983) notes as learning through accessing one’s inner awareness. This process also assists to address what Palmer (1991) notes as the ‘pain of disconnection’, caused by a life solely focused on intellectual pursuits.
Kennison and Misselwitz (2002) describe the writing of a reflective journal as a purposeful activity intended to challenge and clarify existing meaning. For most students, their first entry was primarily descriptive and developed during the reflection period.
By engaging in reflective practice, inner awareness of actions as a mindful experience can be developed.

These are some instructions given by the professors. This is a research and evaluation course which is a mandatory course for advertising students. For this assignment, we are to write a Journal entry that describes what we have learnt in the course, what we felt about it, our thoughts on it, and how it has already helped us and how it will help us in your future career (advertising). I will upload powerpoint slides on the topics discussed in this course, moreover I will upload a grading criteria for this assignment. Many thanks!

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