regional landscapes of the US and Canada Article Review Custom Essay

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ournal: The content of these entries is entirely up to you. Here are some ideas:
• A clipping from a magazine or newspaper. For the entry, provide a brief summary and then in a second paragraph relate this to our class “regional landscapes of the US and Canada”.
• A review of a website you find on your own that deals in some way with an aspect of the US or Canada, providing its address, a brief overview and relating it to our course.
• A “tie-in” relating a tipic you are exploring in another class to this course. Provide a brief overview and relate it to our class.
• A response to a portion of the textbook, or article, that stands out to you-that amazed you, angered you, frustrated you, whatever. Begin by providing a brief summary of the text’s argument (about a papragraph) either through a traditional summary or by creating an outline or flowchart or diagram of the reading. This will help you to fully comprehend the structure and details of the argument. Then provide a paragraph on your reflections or reactions to the reading. Analyze it, illustrate it though your own experience, refute it, get made at it, question it, believe in it, doubt it, go beyond it.
• A song, a movie, a television show, a catalog that you can connect to the geography of the US or canada. Provide the song lyrics or a brief description of the show, catalog, whatever, then briefly discuss the material and connect it with our class.
• Field trip! Connect something that you did over a weekend or anything outside of class to this class. i.e., visiting the Farmer’s Market and its connection to American agriculture.
• Check out a canadian television program and compare/contrast it with an American produced…what’s similar, what’s different? Some programs to check out: Red Green Show, Conrner Gas, Durham County, Little Mosque on the Prairie…
• Crete a virtual field trip with every entry beging a destination on your perfect US and/or canadian vacation…map out your trip in the first entry, then each additional entry becomes an overview of a destination-what would you want to see or do at each place?? But feel free to write about what intestes you as long as you explicitly link it to this course. If you draw on outside sources for info, be sure you list them at the end of the entry…ALWAYS credit your sources!

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