Relates to Elio Motors Academic Essay

Paper detailsThis activity relates to Elio Motors ( Please review the company site thoroughly to develop a detailedunderstanding of the company and its product. You are encouraged to do additional research on the company using thirdparty,independent sources in order to broaden your perspective while also adding objectivity to your point of view. Pleasedocument all sources in the bibliography.After completing your research, please develop answers to the following questions:1) Identify the target market for Elio. This process involves both quantitative and qualitative analysis which means you needto:a) Profile the buyer characteristics/attributeb) Estimate the overall potential market size for Elio in terms of how many units can the company potentially sell.2) This section requires you to:a) Identify a print medium (newspaper, magazine) that constitutes a viable outlet for marketing Elio. Explain your selection.b) Develop a half page advertisement for your selected print outlet. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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