Religion and Science custom essay

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Sources are: i)J.W. Jones, “Mind, Brain and Spirit- A clinician’s Perspective-Or why I am not afraid of Dualism” from Soul, Psyche, Brain. ii) Ian Barbour, When Science Meets Religion Chap 5. iii)Nancy Murphy,”Non-Reductive Physicalism.” iv)Ian Barbour, When Science Meets Religion chap 1, v) H. Rolston, Science and Religion, chaps 6,7 AND vi)J.W. Jones, The Redemption of Matter, chap 7. ~ I will upload all these pages by tomorrow morning. The essay question will also be announced tomorrow morning so I will post it as soon as I find out . I will also put up the last paper you did for me in which I got a B+ (I think this would help-you an see the Prof’s comments etc)…that’s it for now…..So basically LIKE LAST TIME citations/references are to be taken from the above sources only(the mentioned pages) and incorporated into the essay. (From a wide range of pages if possible but more importantly relevant and necessary stuff to help answer the essay question ) . Can you kindly read all the material, all the sources and underline key points and incorporate relevant citations into the essay, just the relevant stuff to help answer the essay question. Please try and answer the question directly ,I got penalized before for not doing so! And dont go off in tangents. Also make sure introduction, middle and conclusion flow well and are quality! I.e. all grammar and spelling, punctuation, paragraphing, etc and everything are right and remember to put page numbers and authors when you cite. I want enough citations please thats not too many and not too few. So please take your time and do a good job. I need to hand it in on Monday 7th May at 7 am, please have it done before then. I have more papers to due this semester so try and get me a A this time rather than a B+. Thanks

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