Report about Leadership Project Custom Essay

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The Leadership class project) which was about distributing foods for the workers in Qatar University.
Write in introduction Write a paragraph that summarizes what the rest of the report will be about. Explain the angle that you are taking. Describe what the report will explore and report upon. Write this paragraph first even though it may not be your first paragraph in the actual report. Everything in your report should relate to this paragraph and be an expansion of your final report. This is important for course that requires you to write a reflection that discusses the importance of the service you performed.
Then start writing the REPORT and finally the conclusion
Draw a conclusion. This may be a place for you to include another story or a case study describing how a particular service project changed its community or how the involvement in this project affected you. Make the conclusion as strong as the introduction. It should summarize what the report has covered without simply repeating what you have already written.

In the report first start with coming up with the idea (wich is feeding the labors (the workers who are working in Qatar university)
– Second, The arrangement and how we started the project?
We gathered up as a team, we made a research regarding the project.
At the beginning of the research process we went through the question that were given and started answering each of them by the information we get.
These are the basic information of kaamco’s Employees in which we are providing them with a healthy lunch on Sunday the 6rd of May on campus on behalf of Leadership class.

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