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You have expressed interest in setting up a tourism venture ( accommodation). Your friend is tired of hearing you talk about the idea. You feel that there will be demand for the services or products you intend to offer. However, you have never been involved in running a business and are unsure of your ability to operate the business successfully. You want to start this business from scratch and not interested in a franchise because you do not want to limit the scope of activities you can undertake. Your friend has advised that you investigate the operations of the venture to enable assessment of its technical feasibility. Write an operations report covering the following:
1.A description of the specific industry in which the business will operate, identifying current and future trends and justifying the opportunity that you intend to pursue. Present the key driving forces and key success factors for the industry. Driving forces refer to external factors with significant impact on performance in an industry and include but are not limited to: increasing household income, rising number of retired baby boomers with time and money to spend, a desire to see the world, reducing cost of air travel, time poor families, and so on.
2.A description of your productsrvices such as meals and drinks, accommodation, tours and so on, presented according to the specific lines, benefits to customers, and how your productsrvices will be differentiated from those of your competitors.
3.The operations plan which should cover the following:

•The operations objectives explaining how they tie in with the competitive advantages you intend to pursue.
•The proposed location – this must be justified, stating the advantages and disadvantages.
•How the premises will be acquired (purchased, built, or leased). An estimate of the cost must be presented and the selected acquisition option justified.
•The service or production process, using a flow chart to illustrate and explain the various stages of production and/or service delivery.
•A graphical illustration of the layout, with explanations as to how it relates to the production / service process and will enhance production efficiency.
•The facilities (plant and equipment) required for operations should be listed and for each item in the list the method of acquisition must be explained and an estimate of cost provided. For leased items the estimated annual cost of the lease must be specified. Plans for expanding facilities to meet anticipated growth within the first five years of operations should be explained.
•The processes to be followed for maintenance of the facilities must be presented.
•The materials and supplies required and suppliers or sub-contractors to be used are to be provided. The criteria for selection of suppliers or sub-contractors, any contracts or agreements to be established with them and associated costs, such as transportation, must be stated.
•The inventory management system, covering ordering times, safety stock levels, minimum and maximum inventory levels as well as measures to ensure safe storage of inventory should be discussed.
•Strategies for managing any seasonal variations in demand are to be presented
•A discussion of all relevant regulatory and legal issues associated with the business, including state, federal, or local regulatory requirements and steps to be taken to ensure compliance. Licences, zoning permits, health permits and environmental approvals necessary to begin operations should be addressed as well as any pending regulatory changes that could affect the nature of the business and its timing.
•Number of employees required, specifying the positions for which they will be employed as well as the terms of employment (eg full time, part-time, casual). Identify the recruitment sources for each position.
•Present the work schedule (or roster) for a week, involving all positions.
•What training will be provided for each position and how will you assess performance of employees?
•Present and justify the remuneration package for each position including superannuation contributions.
•What are the legal requirements associated with employing workers and what steps will you take to ensure compliance?
•From the information presented, explain the technical feasibility of the idea and your ability to operate the business.

Issues Assessed Marks Reqd
Business & Industry
Description of the business 1.5
Current and Future trends 1.5
Key driving forces 1.5
Key Success Factors 1.5
Products / Services
Product lines and attributes 1.5
Area of differentiation 2

Operations Objectives 1.5
Physical Presence
Location 1
Premises 1
Layout 2
Facilities & maintenance 2.5
Processes and Supplies
Productionrvice process 1.5
Materials 1
Suppliers 1.5
Inventory management 1.5
Managing seasonal variations 1

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