Report Quality Management Program For Health Services Essay

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Assignment 4: Report – Quality Management Program
Subject Code [GHMD906 Quality Management for Health Services] 5
© University of Wollongong 2009. All rights reserved.
Due date: Week 13 – 1st June 2009
Weighting: 40%
Length: 2000 words
Submission: Hard copy of assignment to be submitted to HBS Central
Develop a 3 year Quality Management Program for either a real or hypothetical health service based on
one specific Healthcare Quality Framework identified in the literature. Draw on all the topics covered in
this subject to ensure a comprehensive Quality Management Program that addresses all the features of
your selected Healthcare Quality Framework.
In applying the selected Framework ensure that you address the following
• Quality Management Goals or objectives
• Range of Quality Improvement and Assurance activities
• Structure and Resources to support the program
• Engaging staff and stakeholders
• Measuring and monitoring implementation and performance
• Evaluation of the program
The assignment will be marked using the following criteria:
1. Style, organisation and presentation 20% [8 marks]
2. Effective application of a Healthcare Quality Framework in the Quality Program
20% [8 marks]
3. Diversity and scope of quality activities included in the quality program 20% [8 marks]
4. Demonstrated understanding of individual and organisational needs 20% [8 marks]
5. Evidence of knowledge of meaningful measurement in quality management 20% [8 marks

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