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My students, who are all L2 learners of English, have very little interest in learning English because their foundation is weak and they inevitably find the reading materials such as those passages in their course book and readers difficult and unstimulating. Hence, they hardly take the initiatives to read, write and speak in English. Their lack of interest is also resulted from knowing that no matter if they try or not, they will still fail in their examinations ? many have been failing their English exams since primary schooling. Consequently, very little progress is made all along. Their poor academic results in English continues to demotivate them in improving their English, needless to say, further drags down their interest in English language learning. In the end, they loathe English and completely back off from even trying to make an effort to improve. Hence, the proposed solution of using Facebook as a teaching tool to expose my students to more English will hopefully arouse their interest and increase their motivation and participation in learning and using English. The reason for choosing Facebook as a teaching tool is that a great many of my students are active users of this popular social utility. Hence, since they are often seen mooching on Facebook, it makes acquiring and utilizing knowledge much easier and quicker with all its interactive features at our fingertips.

(Outline proposed activities or steps to be completed, key readings, dates and people other than yourself involved ? attach additional information if necessary)
As most of my students already have an account on Facebook, I have already started carrying out this project since the beginning of this academic year i.e. September 2011. The project is meant to last till the end of May before my students sit for their final examination. I teach two classes of English this school year i.e. one S1 and one S3 English class. Both classes consist of average to below average L2 learners of English and I have already assigned both classes to set up a Facebook group for our English subject. I have since been uploading and sharing learning materials that offer food for thought with both classes and students are required to work on them by sharing or giving their comments, feedback, ideas, feelings or opinions during or after class.

(Outline proposed outcomes, including detailed description of proposed assessment)
The proposed outcomes would be more exposure to the language itself and hence knowledge acquired and utilized via the social platform without constraint of time. Most importantly, their interest, motivation and participation in English language learning will increase and improve, hence their proficiency in English will also be seen to progress a little. As the proposed project focuses on the increase in interest and motivation level of my students, the assessment criteria will be in the form of data collection, intervention and reflection. Questionnaire and document analysis are the two instruments used for the assessment criteria.

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