Research and assess the reporting of [a particular issue in Education] currently of interest to the media Custom Essay

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A Critical review of current reporting of educational research, issues and debates in the media.
You will need to pick a current issue in education that is currently being reported on in ENGLAND (Very important it is in England).
You may need to visit “.org sites” to give a rounded assessment & to compare different sides of the argument.

“Media” should be understood as any broadcast medium including radio, TV, internet, newspapers, magazines etc.
1. However you should approach this task as a researcher not as an ordinary member of the public i.e. there is an extra duty of accountability

placed on you.
2. This could be interpreted as: making sure you demonstrate that you are well-informed.
3. This demonstration must be shown both through finding information and reporting on it.
4. Your sources should be demonstrably appropriate* and reliable*.
5. There should be a clear layout showing what you have found, a summary and an evaluation.
6. You must reference fully so that a reader can recover & check all your sources.


How to lose marks
1. Go to a study aid site.
2. Write a historical account for no good reason.
3. Depend heavily on a book or limited sources.
4. Claim other people’s words as your own.
5. Edit rather than report.
6. Choose inappropriate sources.
7. Digress from the main task.
8. Fail to structure your response.

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