Paper detailsThis paper is 40% of your final grade. 810pages not counting the cover page and the bibliography. No late papersaccepted. Include a separate title page with the title of your paper, your name, the course name and semester. All papersmust be typed, double spaced, and include a bibliography. Bibliographic information and intextcitations must be correct.ASA style.1. TOPIC 10 POINTS Choose two social change drivers that we have studied in class (technology, social movementscanalso includeterrorism, war and revolutions, the nationstate,and corporations/the economy). Your topic choice can be on a specificevent or historical period or any other aspect of the driver that you wish to focus on, but you must systematically integrateyour two social change drivers though out the paper. Ask a question that interests you based on the guidelines in the previous paragraph. Based on your question, form a thesis statement or hypothesis that takes a stand on an issue. The section titled examples below gives an example of an interactional approach and an example of how you can deriveactual questions from a reading.2. RESEARCH MATERIAL/DISCUSSION 35 POINTS Use two full scholarly articles on your topic (outside of class). (If something about one of the chapters in your book orarticles interests you, look in the bibliography and see if one of the scholarly articles there is good for you topic) Integrate material from your readings (Ways of Social Change by Garth Massey 2nd Edition), class lectures, andPowerPoints where applicable. Choose four course readings (Shirky, Clay. 2011. The Political Power of Social Media:Technology, the Public Sphere, and Political Change. Foreign Affairs January/February. Pp2841)that specifically relate toyour social change driver. Use class discussions to tie these together. Use two different outside sources from below: see outside sources. One quote or a sentence or two is not sufficient integration of material, especially for the two required scholarly articlesand course readings.3. WRITING THE PAPER. 55 POINTS Your grade will depend on the cohesion and depth of argument of your paper and the extent to which you follow theseguidelines. This means you must integrate all reading material and supporting evidence into a solid research paper. Do notuse too many quotes! It is important that you use class material to pull your argument together. Materials must be integrated PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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