Research Paper on Pablo Picasso Essay

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Research paper on pablo picasso Mla double spaced, 12 point font tnr font. Cover sheet with topic, my name (Eric rascon), art appreciation 160, tue/thurs 11 am, date (may 10). Complete color images ( no black n white) pixel ratio adjusted. Minimum of 6″x8″. Images at end of paper, not integrated. Bibliography list minimum 5 resources, up to two internet sources. You may approach your topic from whatever position you desire; summarize a specific artist or style or both by incorporating the ideas listed below. You may also take a critical approach. You may not agree with a specific artist or style therefore you may decide to criticize your topic. Whatever position, substantiate it with facts and make logical argument.
1 clearly define artistic style an artist you select. Answer should include some discussion of the four major areas of art: function visual form content aesthetics
2 include formal elements of art: line light value color text/pattern shape volume space tine motion (chance improvisation spontaneity)
3 should also address the following ad it applies to your topic: historical political social economic religious

This is not a conclusive list, but should at least focus on those areas. Articulate ideas in a clear writing style. Avoid subjective analysis of your subject. Avoid subjective interpretation unless you can substantiate position by reference.

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