Research Paper Proposal

(Subject Area: Research Methodologies)For this assignment you will identify the major points you will make in your research project by developing a working thesis statement as well as an outline.The proposal should contain:CLICK HERE TO GET MORE ON THIS PAPER !!!Clearly defined topic The topic can be narrowed down by means of specific chronology, geography, or exceptional events or circumstances. After stating your topic, include a reflection about why the topic is of interest to you; include what real difference it would make to you and to your readers to find out more about your topic.Working Thesis The thesis should be a clear statement of your argument or your point of view regarding the topic. It should articulate the issue, your position on the issue, and it should be expressed in an appropriate tone.Outline or Roadmap Create and outline or roadmap showing how you plan on organizing your paper.A list of possible interview sources In order to do primary research, you must conduct at least one interview for your paper.Annotated working bibliography For your working bibliography, create complete citations in APA format for at least eight (8) sources.Seven of the sources need to include at least one bound book, one periodical article (print or electronic), and one electronic source (not including the periodical article if it was obtained online). You should also include a summary of the information provided by each source.CLICK HERE TO GET MORE ON THIS PAPER !!!

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