Research Paper

Assessment task : Research Paper Length: 2,000 words Task: Identify at least one organization or individual that has creatively negotiated the opportunities and challenges that communication industries face in the 21st century. Write a 2000-word essay based on the following: How has this individual or organization demonstrated a creative response to the opportunities and challenges that characterize the communications landscape in the 21st century? You may choose any of the following: a website; a news source; filmmakers or actors; musicians; marketing personnel (or examples) from PR or advertising; journalists; advocacy, political or NGO groups; writers. Tips/ requirements from tutor: – the organization or individual is better to be word famous or international. For instance, Google. (don’t write Google) – Pay attention to the accuracy of reference. If you quote or use a particular argument for a journal publication. Please provide page number in your reference, For example (page xx, author, year). – MUST write CRITICALLY not DESCRIPTIVELY. – Analyze should be critical and relevant – talk about how person/ organization use social media to achieve their goal You should discuss globalization, customization, digitization or personalization or commercialization of an individual or organization in the essay.

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