research projet on Costumer Relationship Management custom essay

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Assignment Remit
You are required to conduct a resarch projet on CRM,you submit your reseach projet as a poster which consist of 7 sections:
1. Abstract
2. Aim, objectives and Rationale.
3. Brief litterature review ( overview)
4. Methodology
5. Analysis and discusion
6. Conclusion and recommandations
7. References
please ensure that your name( KOLLYI NGANGELYI) is also on the poster.
Format: – This is an individual assignment.
– The reseach poster should be created as a one page document on power point and will be submitted electronically. The font must be sufficient to be eligible when printed on A3 size paper and it must include all section indicated in task.
Suggest world limit 15oo – 2000.
NB: I would like to receive from you both poster and normal word format please

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