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Use a topic that you might be interested in researching for your Masters dissertation and develop a research proposal and pilot study, and conduct some preliminary research. This may entail the following steps:

The formulation of suitable research question(s)
The selection of an area of literature to inform your study
The identification of a population and a sample for the study
The choice and justification of a set of qualitative research methods appropriate to the aim of the study
The development of a qualitative research instrument (eg., interview schedule, observation points, focus group, experiment) appropriate to the research
The conduct of a pilot using the instrument (eg. 10-15 questionnaires, 4-5 interviews, 4 hours observation, 2 focus groups)
The drafting of a preliminary report based on your research (no more than 1500 words), including reflections on the appropriateness of your piloted design and findings
To become familiar with the contents of a good qualitative project proposal.

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of project proposals

Recognise and be able to suggest ways of improving the weaknesses of the paper.

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