Research Proposal: Evaluating an initiative of the Edinburgh Napier library services Essay

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MSc RESEARCH PROPOSAL Title of the proposed project (Evaluating an initiative of the Edinburgh Napier library services ( The proposal it is must to meets the minimum standard.:–: 1. To study the understanding amongst students of the different means of accessing material through the various services offered (as listed on the right hand side of this page, see where there are gaps in knowledge and make recommendations to the library. 2. And to compare understandings of international versus home students. 3. You would set the context for this project by writing a literature review on information access/delivery in academic libraries. 4. Narrowing the topic would be to consider one that is more small-scale and easier to complete while me in Edinburgh. (Within two months) 5. Brief description of the research area – background:- PLEASE PROVIDE BACKGROUND INFORMATION ON THE BROAD RESEARCH AREA OF YOUR PROJECT IN THE BOX BELOW. YOU SHOULD WRITE IN NARRATIVE (NOT BULLET POINTS). THE ACADEMIC/THEORETICAL BASIS OF YOUR DESCRIPTION OF THE RESEARCH AREA SHOULD BE EVIDENT THROUGH THE USE OF REFERENCES. YOUR DESCRIPTION SHOULD BE BETWEEN HALF AND ONE PAGE IN LENGTH. 6. Project outline for the work that you propose to complete Please complete the project outline in the box below. You should use the emboldened text as a framework. Your project outline should be between half and one page in length. 1. The idea for this research arose from: 2. The aims of the project are as follows: 3. The main research questions that this work will address include: 4. The software development/design work/other deliverable of the project will be 5. The project will involve the following research/field work/experimentation/evaluation: 6. This work will require the use of specialist software: 7. This work will require the use of specialist hardware: 8. The project is being undertaken in collaboration with: 7. References Please supply details of all the material that you have referenced in sections 6 and 7 above. You should include at least three references, and these should be to high quality sources such as refereed journal and conference papers, standards or white papers. Please ensure that you use a standardised referencing style for the presentation of your references, e.g. APA, as outlined in the yellow booklet available from the School of Computing office and

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