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Terrorism threat to United States National Security
The thesis statement of this research proposal is “Whether terrorism is the greatest threat to the United States National Security”. The increased threat by the Al Qaida groups increases threats to United States locally and internationally . To my views threats of terrorism is a concern to United States because the level of acts being committed have been increasing steadily and what I can recall as the most destructive was September 11, 2001 . This is when terrorists attacked United States by bombing its business center; I view this as an awakening call to the security agencies to implement several policies. Security agencies have as well undergone over whole changeover of their operations to control growth and development of Al Qaida and depowering them by attacking their sympathizers as well as strategic on how to prevent such security embarrassment in future.

United States is much worried about terrorist use of Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) and rogue states which sympathizes with Al Qaida who have access or produces WMD such as North Korea . The collaborations of United States with other states which are against productions of WMD like China, Europe and Britain ensures they discourage research and technological development of Weapons of Mass Destruction productions . Terrorist groups might be very destructive if they have access to such weapons like nuclear and biological weapons against United States , that the reason why they are much more concerned on their development.
Terrorist usually live in small cells which are very difficult for United States intelligence to detect and neutralize their operation , and their targets are also wide spread not only in land but also internationally. This has been challenging to the United State security agencies on logistical alignment to protect all its citizens and investments abroad which are prone for attack by terrorists . Today terrorists would strike at any time, any place with virtually any form of weapons . Terrorist would exploit any opportunity such as collapsing tunnels, derail trains, cuts electric lines, poisons food supply, blowup oil pipelines paralyzing economic operations in United States. They can as well use weapons of mass destructions especially biological weapons . Which United States are ill equipped to respond to a large number of people who would be affected by such weapons bearing in mind that Swine-flu outbreak recently had thrown medical departments in disarray.
Terrorism threats just like other security threats are dynamic and will keep on changing tactics and threatening survival of the United States. Hence, there is need for the military to be vigilant by formulating policies which will ensure they are able to control any insurgence by the terrorist in attempt to compromise United States security.
Terrorism mostly operates by instilling fear to Citizens of United States but is not such a threat. Because the Al Qaida groups are non-state actors and transcend national boundaries and do not have a governing body hence they are disintegrated in to small groupings which I believe can not compromise United State security . Terrorist does not have trained military that would destroy United States through conventional war . According to people how are killed through road accidents annually in United States are much more by far than those who are killed by terrorists, so it just instills fears among the citizen and the government but its not such a threat to development and existence of United States. Therefore to my opinion terrorism threat are not such a major threat because the registered death which occur due such terrorism are minimal as compared to other threats such as roads accidents and other environmental factors which have depriving the citizen adequate resources to their livelihood.

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