Resuing Greywater

Our idea is to use Greywater (water comes out from sink, clothes washing machine, shower, dishwasher) in toilets, garden, washing floors, and clothes washing. Saudi Arabia is mainly depending desalinating water and using greywater will reduce the cost and energy used to supply the desalinated water. There are two design solutions, direct and indirect. The direct solution is to connect a filter to the pipe coming out of the sink and then connect the pipe directly to the toilet. The indirect solution is to connect all the greywater to a filter and collect the greywater in a tank in the ground floor. Then, pump the water to a tank in the roof. Then, the toilets are connected to the higher level tank instead of the main water supply. The higher level tank is connected with a back up line from the main water supply. I will send two files later. one is presentation with photoos about the project. the other one is a guideline for the report.

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