Risk and Reliability Custom Essay

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2. System Reliability (25%)
Calculate the reliability of the system in the figure and draw the curves and curves for the first 20 years of operation. Failure Rates for C1 and C2 are 0.025 and 0.035. All distributions are considered exponential.
3. FMEA (25%)
Perform an FMECA study for the case of an offshore wind turbine according to the BS EN 60812 2006 standard. In the study all steps of the design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance should be considered. A block diagram including the system/process break down should initiate the study, showing subassemblies, components and parts. For each part, the different failure modes should be marked separately. Students should consider identification and marking of fewer than 10 and no more than 20 failure modes, benchmarking their criticality based on their Risk Priority Number (RPN). Students are encouraged to review examples included in the lecture slides as well as appendix of the relevant standard in order to better understand the concept of executing an FMECA study.
4. Risk-based Maintenance Management (25%)
Define a system (Process/Structural/Design) with no fewer than 10 components. This can be either an existing one from literature or a fictitious one. After a description of the system’s function, describe what should a Risk-based Maintenance Management system include, explain how it should be implemented and what potential beneficial outcomes it may have. The answer to this question should not exceed 5 pages including figures, block diagrams or any other accompanying material.

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