San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Preserves Expertise with Better Knowledge Management Power Point Presentation Custom Essay

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you have done last week a case study and I told you to do question number 4 only, because I’m with a group and they will do the other questions. So, now we have to do a presentation in the same topic of the case study. Therefore, you should do a presentation for my question number 4. I will give you again the case study and your answer to help you with the presentation. * YOU must write some short sentences and keywords in each slide. Then you write in the notes for each slide what I should say about each point in the slide. The time limit for my presentation is 4 minutes.
So, please make sure the presentation is explained my answer in the case study and, also add some good pictures to support the idea. Fore example, some projects have done by the company, knowledge system the company use..etc

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