Scholarship Essay: Why I should be selected for the 2012 Clinical Elective Programme Essay

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I am a 5th year medical student and as part of our course work we must choose a clinical elective to do during the summer, i.e cardiology elective would involve being attached to a cardiology team in some hospital and to learn how the team works via shadowing and participating to a certain degree (taking patient histories and examinations).

I am applying for a scholarship to do a clinical elective in USA.

I need to write a personal statement on why i should be picked, the following are some key elements of myself:

1. i am a highly analytic person, in high school i was very sharp in maths and applied maths which helped me get into med school, i believe medicine is all about problem solving. Being good in maths and having an analytic mind helps me clinically in figuring the patients diagnosis. i was always told to do engineering but entered medicine because i believe my problem solving skills can be used to help save lives.

2. communication skills need to be expressed, people have always told me i am easy to chat with and i used to give maths grinds and was told i have an ability to explain things easily

3. i work well in a team

4. i have a very high motivation to work in america in the future and have completed 1/3 steps so far to obtain my usa medical licence. (exam is called the ‘USMLES’. i sat the first part of this exam last august and scored 212 points. I did 3 months of study for this mentally challenging exam. passing this exam is a great achievement (pass rate 187 points) and reflects my desire to work in USA in the future.

5. achievements in my college: i used to be captain of the snowboarding team, help organise training sessions for beginners.
at age 10 i was a chess champion (i.e analytic mind from a young age)

6. if chosen for the scholarship it would provide invaluable experience and future contacts as i have a desire to work in america in the future.

7. write the statement in a boastful aspect to make me stand out

8. my goals for the elective are a) to enhance my clinical skills
b) exposure to a wide range of diseases with a particular interest in cancer patients because i have an interest in cancer and in the future i would like to do cancer research and so clinical experience is very important
c)learn new clinical skills such as suturing, arterial blood gases, advanced ecg

9) in my opinion the key elements for providing health care are: 1. necessary medical knowledge 2. communication skills and problem solving skills. if chosen for this elective i will aim to improve these elements so that at the end of the elective period i return to ireland as a better student doctor.

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