Scientific merit

PLEASE ENSURE TO READ THE QUESTIONS AND ANSWER THEM APPROPRIATELY. ALSO MAKE SURE TO USE THE ATTACHED TEMPLATE AND FOLLOW HEADINGS. Using the research study you selected in the Unit 3 assignment, along with the course assignments for which you deconstructed your research study ( Adolescent adjustment and well-being: Effects of parental divorce and distress by Ingunn Størksen, Espen Røsamb, Turid Holmen and Kristian Tambs.) THIS IS THE ARTICLE Write a paper in which you complete the following: Explain and evaluate the scientific merit of the study: Summarize and evaluate the advancement of knowledge. Summarize and evaluate the contributions to theory. Summarize and evaluate the hallmarks of good research. Explain and evaluate the validity and reliability of your chosen research study: Identify and describe ethical issues in the study. Apply the terminology of research. Demonstrate both the depth and the breadth of your understanding of scientific research and scientific merit by including relevant examples and supporting evidence. Use the Scientific Merit Paper Template linked in Resources, and include the permalink to your article on the title page of your paper.

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