Security Intelligence and Policy Essay

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Q: Recent trends within “intelligence led policing” suggest that the next generation of community policing will be more “knowledge-based”, involving a shift toward a problem-oriented approach and strategic use of information as a basis for management and better use of police resources. Discuss the emergence of knowledge-based policing and examine the impact knowledge-based policing might have on law enforcement. Your discussion should be within the context of current debates on risk and the risk society, the broadening or narrowing of the police role, globalisation and the importance of networks, governance and regulation. What is “knowledge-based” policing? Problem-Oriented approach Strategic use of information Better use of police resources Emergence of knowledge based police Impact of Knowledge based Police on law enforcement Risk of broadening and narrowing of the police role Globalisation Importance of networks Governance Regulation The citation style must be AGLC Australian Guide to Legal Citation. I attached copy for AGLC guide to avoid any mustake. Please do not use internet references, the references must be academic. i attached 7 aricles, please you must use all of them, and add more academic references. Use proper books and dont forget to add the page numbers for any books used in the fotenote. This books are recommended and must used: Ratcliffe, J. Intelligence Led Policing, Willan Publishing, Devon (2008) Lowenthal, Mark M. (2008). Intelligence: From Secrets to Policy (4th edn), CQ Press, Washington DC. The Handbook of Knowledge Based Policing: Current Conceptions and Future …chapter 9 page205-220 By Tom Williamson Notice that: Students are required to submit an essay of no more than 3500 words, addressing the following question. The essay should show evidence of extensive research in the field, using library resources (books, journal articles etc) as primary sources. Marks will be given for original research, clarity of expression, logical organization, coherence of argument and analysis, and integration of theoretical perspectives into discussion of particular themes. Students should take care to answer the question directly and fully. Students should not rely primarily on internet-based, non-library type materials, and should exercise extreme caution in their use of such materials. Students should use the Reading Guide as a starting point for research, but good to excellent papers will show evidence of considerable research beyond the Reading Guide material.


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