Self-contained mini-Research Capsule Projecy Academic Essay

This is a self-contained mini-research project focusing on Barbara Ehrenreichs Serving in Florida This is going to be based on the book, however its not the full pages of the book. I will send you the pages of the book that is needed to be read. i will attach it in my file. i dont want it to be from a book online, i will attach the book reading for you:) ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS. * Write a 5 page thesis-based essay in which you product your own response to the (2 part) central research question: WHAT WAS BARBARA EHRENREICH TRYING TO ACHIEVE? AND, HOW SUCCESSFULLY DID SHE ACCOMPLISH HER AIMS? In your essay you must interact with the primary source (Serving in Florida) and utilize at least 2 secondary sources. These are the two sources the teacher gave us to use. So these are the ones you can use as your two sources. Source #1 Jay Marciano, A conversation with Barbara Ehrenreich Source #2 Nickled and Dimed from The American Ruling Class So please use these two sources, as the externals sources for my essay. Thank you.

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