Sequence similarity for identification of locally isolate Geobacillus WCH70 according to nitrate reductase gene sequence custom essay

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Thermophilic Bacillus spp. were isolated from soil samples collected from hot regions southern of Iraq, one
of these isolates was identified as Thermophilic Geobacillus sp. according to their
morphological, cultural characteristics and biochemical tests. Ability of these isolates in niterate redactase
prodaction was examined on agar medium, and it was found It’s nitrate reductase (N.R) producers according to the
formation of hydrolysis zones with variable degrees. Genomic DNA was extracted from the efficient isolate in
nitrate reductase (N.R) production, then nitrate reductase (N.R) gene was amplified and cloned in pPCRScript?,
then transformed into E. coli DH5?. Positive E. coli transformants were selected, and recombinant vector was extracted
and linearized with KpnI, then lipase gene was sequenced according to the chain termination method. Results of sequence
similarity showed that nucleotide sequence of locally isolated Geobacillus sp. was 100% identical to nucleotide sequence
of Geobacillus WCH70 (from NCBI), and the deduced amino acid similarity was 100% identical, on the other hand the sequence
similarity was ranged between % and % with nitrate reductase (N.R) sequence of other microorganisms.

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